The Waterpik

Theresa May would like the U.K to lead the way and show the world how to be greener, by reducing our carbon emissions, and plastic waste.
Plastic in our oceans

“Plastic is not that fantastic anymore”.

Recently personally I have started using a waterpik for my interdental cleaning, instead of using The plastic interdental brushes to maintain my gum health.

99% of us suffer from gum disease and we all have our own way to deal with it, be it mouthwash, floss or inter dental brushes, and now my new gadget the Waterpiks. Oprah Winfrey swears by hers.

So far I’ve been impressed and find it easy to use, and feel I’m getting the same results as my little brushes, Also make me feel like I am playing my part in reducing the use of non recyclable plastics, and not throwing away plastic brushes every day…. and in the long run hopefully save me money in the long run.

But if you want further information you can watch this video by clicking here

Alternatively please ask our hygienist at your next routine appointment and he can demonstrate how to use it and give advice.