Plans & Finance


Routine treatment insurance coverage with discounted costs on restorative treatment.

What is included?

  • 2 check-ups a year
  • All necessary X-rays
  • 2 hygiene appointments per year for cleaning and polishing.
  • Oral hygiene and dietary instruction.
  • Access to our dental emergency service.
  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency insurance.
  • Credit arrangements to spread the cost of any additional treatments.
  • 10% discount on private fees for all other treatments.

Start Saving!
Join Smile Plan!
ONLY £20.00 A MONTH!

We value our patients and would like to introduce you to Ashford Dental Practice SmilePlan which has been designed to help you spread the cost of dental treatment through affordable monthly payments. CODEplan Ltd administers the collection of subscriptions on our behalf.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

TYPE OF TREATMENT Normal Private Fee SmilePlan (10% discount applied)
From From
White fillings (small) £120.00 £108.00
Root canal filling (premolar) £550.00 £495.00
Crown £650.00 £585.00
2 Dental Examination £140.00 inclusive
2 Dental Hygiene treatments £120.00 inclusive
4 Small Dental x rays £60.00 inclusive
1 Large Dental X-ray £70.00 inclusive
*Paid as £25.00 per month by Direct Debit    

This means you could save at least £150.00 in one year on your dental care with more savings to be made on dental treatment when you need it.

Please note you will not be charged at any time for any necessary x rays whilst you are a plan member therefore each time you could save a further £15.00 per x-ray!

You will also receive a 10% discount on private fee for all other treatments.

Why join?

The Benefits?

  • Regular hygiene visits for fresh breath and a bright smile.
  • Less likelihood of a dental emergency.
  • Prompt treatment.
  • The latest techniques for your treatment.
  • Greater choice of treatment options.
  • Personal care and attention.
  • Spread the cost of your essential dental care.
  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency insurance.
  • Peace of mind.

How do I join?

You simply need to visit the practice and fill out the application form, hand the form in to reception and we will post it to the address on the back of the form.

How much does it cost?

The plan costs just £15.00 a month. There is a once only £10 administration joining fee that will be added to your first monthly payment, after that there are no extra payments. You may withdraw from the plan at any time by giving 3 months' notice in writing to CODEplan

Family membership:

You can save on your monthly subscription when family members join.

2 group members - 5%

3 group members or more - 10%