Spring is here!

Two of our team, went on a course yesterday, to get to make our business more cost efficient, and really get to grips on the day to day running costs.


I often find I am torn with the cost of treatment and the care aspect of my practice,In dental school we are taught the clinical aspects of dentistry, not the business side, or even the psychology aspects required to become and an effective and compassionate yet cost effective clinician. After all my team and all the suppliers we use are reliant on me being so.


So even after 20 years of running a successful dental practice, I am still learning. We all bounce of each other and our wonderful patients, who over the years have taught us a thing or two.

So as we are officially in spring, a time to start a fresh and set new goals, and to prepare for the future, Im looking forward to continuing to learn from the people around me and hopefully make me a better person/ dentist