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Our principle Dr Dipesh Patel and his nurse Anna have recently updated their sedation training. As conscious sedation is a team exercise it is important for both dentist and nurse to attend this together and receive training in parallel.

This course acted as a refresher and ensures we are kept up to date with the current techniques used. The course is taught by the best known names in Dental Sedation within the UK.

The course consists of theoretical and practical instruction in all aspects relating to the latest guidelines of conscious sedation techniques.

Below is the course content for Dentists from theĀ  SAAD website. (

Course Content

  • Aspects of anxiety and pain control, treatment planning and patient assessment. The use of behavioural management, selection and appropriate use of drugs for sedation techniques.
  • Physiology, anatomy and pharmacology relevant to Conscious Sedation.
  • Organisation of the dental team, medico-legal aspects of sedation, record keeping, psychological and physiological monitoring of the sedated patient.
  • Revision of the requirements of the General Dental Council in relation to the provision of Basic Life Support. Current UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines will be provided.
  • Clinical cases of various conscious sedation techniques are assessed and practitioners may have practical experience of Relative Analgesia.

For Dental nurses the course content differs consisting of 3 core areas.


  • anatomy and physiology
    patient assessment
    sedation equipment
    sedation techniques (oral/RA/IV)
    management of complications
    medico-legal aspects


  • care and support
    flexible approach
    calm, decisive and purposeful manner
    keeping up to date

  • preparation for sedation
    patient preparation and care
    assisting with induction of sedation
    monitoring during treatment
    emergency care


Below are the course certificates:


saad certificates