I recently saw a wonderful, local Doctor as a patient, who has been suffering from migraines for years.

They said that when they suffer from Migraines they “Feel like a fog coming over the brain and can only function at 50% as parent.

They treat many of their patients for Migraines with a cocktail of meds, and now are even advocating Botoxtm. for the condition.

But it was surprising, that they didn’t value their own health and not practice what they preach.

I approach my patients who suffer from migraines. Firstly with questioning their lifestyle, and being mindful of the trigger factors such as certain foods and situations and how to be “Mindful” of them.

Secondly, by assessing the neck and facial muscles and jaw joint palpating for tenseness and or pain. We can then look at the teeth and the way they meet to see if they are the cause and hopefully make simple change, such as simple night mouth guard to reduce and clenching/grinding that may occur at night.

Thirdly We can either refer to the hospital to see a head and neck specialist , or we can inject Botox (TM)