Christmas time

So that special time of year is approaching, and we are all busy running around “chasing our tails”, hoping its going to be a perfect day, or get that perfect gift for someone.

But as I have now experienced my fair share of Christmases, Im beginning to realise, it not the materialistic things that are important, the stocking fillers, the latest gadget/toy. It is the time we spend with our nearest and dearest.

Now its a good time to reflect on the year just gone and who has been in your life to help you enjoy it and make you develop to be a better person. I have been working this year with a business coach Chris Barrow, who has helped me see what a wonderful team I work with and utilise their talents to make the people who visit our practice a great one.

I also have to thank my husband Dipesh, who has helped me raise two wonderful children, and encouraged me to strive.


So I want to thank you all for a wonderful 2018, and may our friendship, be it professional, or personal continue in the years to come.


Im truly privileged and blessed to be where I am, to be surrounded by such lovely people everyday in my work and in my personal life.


So thank you all and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may the new year be a happy and healthier one for you and your family and friends


Roma x