A PROPER Dental Check up!

We frequently get asked  what are the benefits for paying for a private dental consultation, when they are just checking my teeth…

A thorough Dental Check up should take a dentist a good 20 -30 minutes. They should not only look at your teeth and inside the mouth, but your head and neck.

They should also use the time to look at your dietary habits and lifestyle.

Like  a detective, a lot can be deduced by forensically looking at the oral tissues, such as the tongue, cheeks and the gums, as well as the shape, colour of the teeth and how they meet .

If this is not done thoroughly then any treatment carried out may not have the same longevity and a compromised end result.

For example, the tongue can tell us how your digestive track is, and if you are clenching /grinding your teeth. Its colour and texture can tell us if you are deficient in vitamins and or minerals.

Your teeth can tell us if you suffer from acid reflux (heart burn  )or if you are an aggressive/lazy toothbrusher….

We also take photos, so we can monitor any changes or wear so  we may monitor, rather than treating aggressively.

We also review your medication, and prompt if reviews are needed, or if there are any side affects that need addressing. We can also advise and refer to specialists so avoiding to

So  dentists are giving healthy living advice, not just checking to see if you have gum disease or tooth decay.

You are a person not just a set of teeth. You need to make sure you are looked after and value yourself and your health.

Apart from the more thorough check we also like to take the time to get to know our patients.

Working in the same dental practice, for over 20 years, and looking after the dental needs for ages 0 to 100 (yes we do have a 100 year old patient).

We have come across all types of family, we have shared the joy of welcoming new additions, and the sadness of losing treasured and loyal patients.

We see families of all shapes and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is that they value there health (by coming to see us) and each other, yes even those challenging teenagers. When thay feel liked after and cared for they recommend friends and other family members to us.

So after caring for all generations from the same family, we feel we get to know them well and truly blessed and so they become part of our “Dental Family”