60 Second Testimonials

I recently went to a masterclass on social media and marketing  with Roma. The course was run by Coach Chris Barrow who is a Dental Business Guru.

So what did I learn?

I learnt that patient testimonials are the best promotional tool you can have such as google reviews. I also learnt that you can take this one step further by posting video testimonials on newsletter, social media and the website.

Therefore he suggested 60 second videos gaining patient feedback to basic patient questions. I have recently been taking on the social media of the practice, blogging and newsletters with Roma so really wanted to take this on and get stuck in.

I know I am no Martin Scorsese but hope I can master 60 seconds of footage or least press the on button without accidentally taking a selfie or picture of the floor.

The questions I have prepared:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. What brought you to us?
  3. How would you describe your customer service experience?
  4. what difference has the treatment made?

All I would need is a smartphone camera, and a little tripod and a little bit of bravery.. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it. Ha..Geronimo…

Therefore armed with my smart phone, bendable mini tripod, questions, and consent forms I asked a few lovely patients if I could interview them. Mostly for practice but I will use these videos as I do feel that they are very raw and feel non staged and you can all see my progress as I go.

The first video for some reason (other than being a bit of a rabbit in the headlights perhaps) I held the tripod rather than placing it and pointing the camera at the patient. Maybe I was clinging to it as a tripod shaped life raft. Therefore the video is a little shaky..and at points there is an odd jerk as I almost point the camera down as I read the questions and quickly stop myself.

The second was easier and felt a little more confident. I still sound a little nervous and my own tongue did seem trip me up on the way. However progress was made, this video looks much less like I was filming during an earthquake.

Reviewing it back I noticed I need to learn some little editing techniques to tidy up the video as well as the fact I need to stop being self conscious as I hate the sound of my voice and maybe be a little less nervous in my delivery but Im sure with practice, I will be fine!

So if do approach you in surgery for a testimonial please be gentle with me as it is all very much a work in progress. I just need to learn from each experience and improve. Although you can definitely laugh with me as I bumble along!

Thank you for reading