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Wedding smile

In spite of all the expensive jewellery and dresses, the best thing you can wear on your wedding day is your smile.

Your wedding photos should show your happiness for a lifetime, and a smile makeover is just the option that you might be looking for.

We offer a tailored wedding smile makeover service where we can make you look your best for your special day. From a few fillings and a teeth whitening treatment to a full smile makeover using dental implants, veneers and crowns we can cater to your every needs.

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Wedding Day Smile Makeovers

Be certain to contact Ashford Dental before your Wedding Day for teeth whitening or a smile makeover.

When you are planning your wedding there will be other details that will demand your attention besides your dress, flowers and shoes.

The one thing that everyone will notice on your special day is YOUR SMILE!!!!!

We can help prepare couples for their wedding day. We know it is important that the wedding party are ready to really smile on the day of days.

We have treated the mums, dads and other members of the wedding party besides the bride and groom.

Some people are embarrassed by their smile and either don't smile or cover their mouth with their hand. You don't need to feel like this. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry can restore that smile as well as your self confidence.

Treatments such as tooth whitening, veneers and smile design treatments are all available.

We want you to look your best on your wedding day...

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£250.00 per session including a free top up if required.

Concessions if a party of 3 or more people.

I freeze the skin with a topical cream, and using the finest needles as well as a gentle technique place injections.

Areas targeted are Frown lines, Crows feet, worry lines, High lip lines, chin area. Also under arm for excess sweating.

Collagen Fillers

£300.00 per syringe.

This can be used to plump up lips, lighten any deep wrinkles such as frown lines, (marionette) fine smokers lines around the lips, as well as sculpting the jaw line to give you that more "chisled" look if required.

Chemical Peels

£380.00 per course and products.

We use a salicylic peel, so not suitable for people with an 'asprin allergy'. We use Theraderm products, to treat scarring, pigmentation and acne.

This treatment occurs in three stages.

Stage one

Three weeks prior to the "peel" its self you undergo a facial routine, with the Theraderm products which will be explained to you by your personal beauty therapist. You will be using completely "natural" products, which are fruit exfoliants, and willow bark extracts, as well as a super rich moisturiser which again has very little artificial chemicals.

Stage two

You will then have the peel placed by myself

You will feel a little flushed on the day, but will still be able to wear makeup that and the next day. On the third day you will peel very lightly, and to help we will provide a mild exfoliant, to remove any excess skin.

Stage three

There after you will have to moisturise the skin and using an SPF factor (sunblock) cream.

To get ideal results, you may continue with Theraderm products.

But for deep scaring, blemishes you may require 3 – 4 to achieve an ideal result.

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