Faces & Character Matter

Facial & Functional Aesthetics

Ashford Dental Facial Aesthetic Consultants and Surgeons can enhance your features and help combat the signs of ageing

Our faces are exposed to the effects of our environment and the ageing process twenty four hours a day, so it's no wonder that they sometimes look a little the worse for wear.

The experts at Ashford Dental are extremely skillful and thorough in the use of modern techniques to restore your confidence in the way you look. Reducing wrinkles, smoothing away folds and reforming lips to give you the opportunity to achieve a visual impact you've only dreamt about.

Our non-surgical procedures are simple and quick, usually requiring only a single visit to our clinic. They are painless, show immediate results, have long-lasting effects and are scar-free.

Whether you'd like fuller, softer lips or simply want to eliminate facial lines and creases, our consultants will discuss with you exactly what you'd like to achieve, after which we can select the most effective method of giving you an enhanced, fresher, younger look.

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