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Whether you are seeing us for routine dental care , cosmetic or complex aesthetic dental care, you will have our focussed care and attention. We make every effort to make your dental visit enjoyable and to endeavor to exceed your expectations.

Dental Examination

We will help you maintain a healthy mouth and therefore during your routine dental examination, we check your teeth, gums and soft tissue for early signs of any dental problems, such as decay or gum disease. Our soft tissue screening includes a visual check of your gums, inner cheeks and tongue which allows us to spot any infections, mouth conditions or even mouth cancer at the earliest stages.

At this appointment we may take photographs of your teeth to understand your dental concerns. In addition, we may take x-rays which help with diagnosis and treatment planning or we may take impressions of your teeth (study model) so that we can see how your teeth bite together.

Emergency Treatment

If you are in need of dental treatment in an emergency, then emergency appointments are available on the day. We also carry a range of antibiotics on site, can make referrals to appropriate specialists and can keep your dentist informed of any treatment you have had with us.

Should your dental emergency occur whist you are travelling abroad, we are always available to give advice over the telephone and e-mail any digital x-rays and records that may help you.

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