Roma’s first Blog

So this is my first ever blog, and Im a bit fearful on how it will be perceived by you the reader.

Having been on an amazing course today run by an exceptional dental business guru, Chris Barrow, with my lovely colleague Fiona,   I feel inspired and confident enough to take the plunge…

So what did I learn from today. Well its never too late to improve yourself, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

The way we communicate now is so fast and technology based, but still the art of conversation hasn’t completely died.

As much as I hear and read that artificial intelligence will help us as a human race to live longer and more healthily we still need that human touch.

As a dentist for over 20 years I have learnt the art to listen, and respond with empathy, and hopefully make the people I have the privilege to treat feel at ease.

In our practice were not here to judge, your oral health, but to guide you and help you restore your confidence in smiling more freely and confidently

But like you I have my fears, but together if we surround ourselves with the right people we can overcome them, one step at a time, or even one tooth at a time..