Mouth cancer awareness month

November isn’t  just about growing a moustache it is also Mouth Cancer Action Month


This public health announcement aims to increase awareness and the importance of self -screening.

If you notice anything suspicious we urge you to contact either your Doctor or Dentist.

Early detection means that we can act fast if any lumps or bumps turn out to be something more sinister.  Mouth cancer can appear in different forms in all parts of the mouth including the tongue and lips. You should check for changes in your mouth, any red or white patches, painless ulcers or any unusual lumps or swellings.

The majority of the time there is nothing to be concerned about but it is better to get peace of mind and get it checked out.

Your dental professional should also be looking for anything suspicious at every visit. This is why regular examinations are not only important to maintaining good Dental health but also important to your General health and is important for early detection.

Below are some facts about mouth cancer from the British Dental Health Foundation:

  • 18 People are diagnosed daily with Mouth Cancer.
  • A morning cigarette doubles the risk of developing mouth cancer.
  • 400,000 New Cases are diagnosed in the World every day
  • 1 in 3 Cases are a result of alcohol use.
  • 2 times as many men die  from mouth cancer as women
  • 1/3 of people are unsure if they are at risk.
  • Around 20,000 cases are related to the HPV (Human papillomavirus).
  • 46% of people didn’t know that they could ask a dentist.
  • 1/93 Men will develop Oral Cancer within their lifetime.
  • 1/186 Women will develop Oral Cancer within their lifetime.

Below is a diagram explaining signs and symptoms as well as the factors that increase the risk of developing Mouth Cancer. Full details can be found at

Signs and Risks of Mouth Cancer