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Individual Smile Solutions

Aesthetic Dentistry
Want a personalised smile solution you can be proud of? Orthodontics, Bonding and potentially Aesthetic veneers can be used to straighten, whiten and give the ideal proportions for your teeth. Let our expert cosmetic dentists design the perfect new smile for you. Whether it's a Hollywood or Natural style you're looking for, we will make sure that your new teeth help accentuate your facial profile and personality. A new smile can do wonders for your confidence and help create a youthful, energetic appearance.

A New Smile
A new smile can help cover chipped, stained or crooked teeth.Our Exceptional Clinicians and personal laboratory technician with yourself take part in creating your "authentic" smile. From colour, shapes to texture, we encourage your to take part in the whole design process.

Online Smile Analysis
Coming Soon

Our online smile analysis tool. Simply upload a picture of your teeth, and one of our cosmetic dentists will send you a report on how we can improve your smile!

Complimentary Smile Analysis

Our passion is smiles and helping you achieve the smile you've always dreamt of. We offer complimentary consultations at our practice, where we use high tech photography and flatscreens to discuss how a new smile can transform the way you look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Dentist Ashford Dental FAQ 's about having a smile makeover....

Q. How long does it take to transform my smile?
Having a new smile can take as little as 2 weeks, and typically takes two visits. On the first visit, we prepare the teeth for veneers which are then made in our specialist laboratory in North America. On the next visit we try these in, and only "bond" them into place once you're 100% happy with your new look!

Line Angles Line Angles
"In a beautiful smile the teeth are angled towards the middle of the body."
Symmetrical Gums Symmetrical Gums
"Without symmetrical gums, beautiful teeth can look like a beautiful picture with an average frame. Symmetry of the gums can be acheived with laser gum contouring. "
Beautiful Centrals Beautiful Centrals
"A youthful, beautiful smile, starts with long, white, gorgeous front teeth. "
Golden Proportions Golden Proportions
"Both artists and scientists alike have noticed that beautiful things in nature have what we gold, the gold proportions. Beautiful veneers are made with this in mind, so your teeth have perfect visual harmony."
Colour & Shape Colour & Shape
"The shape and colour of our teeth should be in harmony with the shape of our face, eyes and skin tone. All these things should be considered in the design process."


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