Patient Connections
Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs M W

Very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish! I even had a call few days later to see how I was doing !!!!!
- Mrs M W (21/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Dipesh is always very helpful in clearly explaining what the treatment entails before you make a decision. Very friendly and extremely skilful.
- Anonymous (21/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs SB

I am a terrified patient and my dentist was kind and caring and patient with me. I felt I got an excellent level of customer service.
- Mrs SB (20/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Clean, professional, efficient, yet friendly.
- Anonymous (19/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent "bed side" manner of Dentist and quality of equipment provided
- Mr RG (19/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs P

The professionalism coupled with friendly people.
- Mrs P (19/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Dipesh, who I see ,does more than just deal with run of the mill dentistry. In my case he has come up with a strategy to manage & control issues with my teeth in order to give the best long term care, for which I am very grateful.
- Mr IO (08/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

online booking system is very convenient
- Anonymous (07/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mst HH

Friendly and welcoming staff. Roma explains exactly what she is doing and why. Extremely good with younger patients putting them at ease. Appointments are never rushed. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Mst HH (06/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

The time and understanding from Dipesh and Roma
- Anonymous (06/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr N N

Very friendly and efficient service. I like the way the dentists talk about general health as well (not just oral)
- Mr N N (06/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs JL

Their commitment to getting it right for you. Dipesh always reassuring that he will look after your needs to get you the best results
- Mrs JL (06/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Easy to make an appointment for when you need it, excellent level of care, fabulous with children.
- Anonymous (06/07/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

friendly and calm
- Anonymous (19/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Friendly and professional service.
- Anonymous (17/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Really nice people and a very professional service
- Mr GJ (15/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr P M

A quite brilliant introduction to your dental services. A dentist who was really interested in me and my teeth and who put a somewhat nervous patient totally at ease.
- Mr P M (13/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Happy with the experience
- Anonymous (10/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

I am happy to recommend however most of my family use an old Nhs Dentist
- Anonymous (08/06/2017 )

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Been patient for over 20years and always well looked after
- Anonymous (06/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Efficient, professional, friendly
- Anonymous (06/06/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr M R

The warm family welcome shown
- Mr M R (12/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Made to feel welcome
- Mr AK (10/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Caring Staff
- Anonymous (10/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs SC

I have tried a few dentists over many years and I can hand on heart say this is the best by far. From the receptionist, the hygienist through to the dentist, the service is first class. I have always been nervous when entering but everyone is so friendly and they always put me at ease. But the thing I need to mention is the fact they don't use needles! They put a little pen on your gum and voila.....!!! NO PAIN!!!! I can not recommend enough!
- Mrs SC (09/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss L B

I would always recommend
- Miss L B (09/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr N B

Always very efficient and friendly.
- Mr N B (08/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs J M

Confidence in the best treatment available, and very sound advice
- Mrs J M (07/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr P E

Always great service and great care.
- Mr P E (06/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent Dental practice with fantastic customer care.
- Mr AM (05/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs S D

They are the only dentist I feel happy to go to.
- Mrs S D (03/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Very friendly people giving me total confidence in help and advice.
- Anonymous (03/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Professional, friendly, efficient, helpful
- Ms MN (03/01/2017)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss C O

My tooth-guard now works!
- Miss C O (31/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs Cornelia Wilmore

Friendly team
- Mrs Cornelia Wilmore (30/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Because all staff friendly Dipesh is very understanding
- Anonymous (30/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Dentist was extremely pleasant and informed me of everything he was going to do and advised me on treatment going forward and not necessarily the most expensive. Treatment offered but best suited
- Anonymous (28/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss KW

Dipesh is an excellent dentist who keeps himself up to day with latest technology and dentistry. He has an excellent relationship with me as his patient and always thinks about what's best for my teeth giving careful consideration to both short, medium and long term needs
- Miss KW (28/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss J C

A friendly practice.
- Miss J C (23/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Friendly and helpful staff and dentist.
- Anonymous (23/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs S M

Always great
- Mrs S M (22/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs K M

They understood my fear so took time and patience to reassure me
- Mrs K M (22/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Friendly professional service
- Anonymous (21/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr A G

Roma was excellent today , gentle & caring as one would hope from a Private practice , many thanks
- Mr A G (21/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs S D

I generally like everyone!
- Mr C R (19/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Dipesh always explains in detail what he is doing and why he is doing it. He always answers questions and offers sound dental advice.
- Anonymous (18/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs K H

Excellent dentist, professional and friendly
- Mrs K H (17/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Due to the excellent treatment you provided.
- Mr AB (16/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Good result of dental procedure and friendly environment.
- Anonymous (16/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs ES

I love coming to this dental surgery. I have every faith in them
- Mrs ES (14/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr A K

Good professional and courteous at all times
- Mr A K (11/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Always through and cheerful!
- Anonymous (09/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Tina is the best dentist
- Anonymous (07/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss K P

I felt like I was being taken care of, and I could happily put my trust in my hygienists hands
- Miss K P (07/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Generally all the team try to make you feel relaxed
- Anonymous (06/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs J L

Very friendly and really reassured me about my problem
- Mrs J L (01/12/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

best dentists in england
- Anonymous (30/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr A G

Marco's sensitive & personal approach is much appreciated, I feel he would make the most nervous patient feel at ease
- Mr A G (28/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss R F

The staff are very kind and helpful
- Miss R F (26/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Very professional, made me feel completely at ease.
- Anonymous (26/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr J M

Great care and attention from all staff. Lovely environment.
- Mr J M (25/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss K P

The staff are all very friendly, especially Dr Roma Patel who took the time to speak to me about my 9th tooth and tell me how unusual it is and then taking me on a history trip back to Genghis Khan. Brilliant!
- Miss K P (24/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Very kind and patient staff for a nervous patient
- Anonymous (23/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs C R

Exceptionally friendly and professional staff. I always feel that I am in good hands and can ask for advice if I need it. Practice has an holistic approach to dental health.
- Mrs C R (23/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs K H

I have recommended friends in past and will continue to do so because the whole team are so friendly and professional.
- Mrs K H (23/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs J F

Because dentist very helpful patient and caring
- Mrs J F (23/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs AV

Being a nervous patient I'm not the easiest of clients but have always been made to feel comfortable and at ease.
- Mrs AV (22/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr R R

Very good service.
- Mr R R (21/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs S P

Fantastic dental care, great staff, bespoke service plan, flexible hours.
- Mrs S P (21/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Think it's very professional
- Anonymous (20/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Made very comfortable
- Anonymous (19/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

clear help and information was given and reassurance that unnecessary work would not be carried out. Always friendly and professional!
- Anonymous (17/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs C W

Relaxed friendly atmosphere. All staff assist with making a visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible
- Mrs C W (13/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr P T

Seems to be a very professional dentistry with all the latest equipment. I was very impressed.
- Mr P T (12/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

I always get great friendly service
- Anonymous (11/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs Z S

Dipesh was extremely patient and calming. He explained everything in full detail.
- Mrs Z S (10/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Staff were extremely professional and explained the procedure and findings very well.
- Anonymous (09/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr D C

Best dentist I've ever been to.
- Mr D C (09/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs SR

Friendly receptionists, extremely knowledgeable dental staff and attractive clean and modern premises.
- Mrs SR (09/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Friendly. Helpful and professional practice
- Mr AF (08/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Dr M S

Very satisfied all the services especially ok.
- Dr M S (07/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs C B

I felt very comfortable, the team took the time to explain things.
- Mrs C B (06/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr S B

They are so very caring and seem to care more than just about your teeth. Always ask if I'm OK would always recommend this dentist
- Mr S B (05/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

competent, frendly and very good communication. Quick appointments when needed. High skills for fair prices.
- Anonymous (05/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr N K

Very good treatment and a friendly experience.
- Mr N K (05/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Friendly and professional service albeit at a cost.
- Anonymous (04/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs M B

Very professional and friendly staff
- Mrs M B (02/11/2016)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Good service. Friendly staff.
- Anonymous (30/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs S L

I am a very nervous patient and my dentist is so patient and gentle, he has restored a lot more confidence in me. The reception staff are helpful & friendly always.
- Mrs S L (29/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

I felt very welcomed and felt relaxed about the examination.
- Anonymous (29/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr S P

Great place. Feel welcome. Everyone always hàppy and smiling, showing off their wonderful teeth!
- Mr S P (29/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs J H

Appointments available, friendly service
- Mrs J H (29/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr T P

Roma is kind and caring and puts us at ease, as is Dipesh of course
- Mr T P (28/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent service from all.
- Anonymous (27/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss P M

Staff were amazing!
- Miss P M (25/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr N B

Good treatment
- Mr N B (25/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs A M

Fabulous service, great dentist
- Mrs A M (24/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Miss L M

Always very friendly and make me feel comfortable
- Miss L M (24/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mrs C E

I was treated with care in a warm and friendly way, and my pain was felt withe same day.
- Mrs C E (23/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr J L

Extremely friendly, helpfully, big understanding to patients xx
- Mr J L (22/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

I have always received good treatment from my dentist, who I like and trust. I would not recommend unreservedly; services are quite expensive and therefore the recommendation would come with a caveat.
Anonymous (22/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent staff and nice to see a local business investing in a sustainable future for itself.
Anonymous (21/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent staff and nice to see a local business investing in a sustainable future for itself.
Anonymous (21/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel

Excellent professional service every time. And the staff couldn't be more friendly ( but always professional)
Anonymous (19/09/2015)

Dr Dipesh KH Patel
Mr C D

I had no negative "vibes" and but for my lack of more lengthy experience (say a year or more), I would have given the "Extremely likely" marking
Mr C D (14/09/2015)

The dental care is exceptional
Mrs J M (14/10/2014)

Friendliness and professionalism
Mrs. P M (10/10/2014)

The staff are all very friendly and lots of attention is given to patients. It starts with a nice smile from the reception team as you walk into the practice.
Patient: Mr D B (09/10/2014)

Friendly atmosphere and the fact that I do not have to have unnecessary treatment as I have experienced with other dental practices. I feel like I'm listened to and they do all they can to try and help me; I don't feel like I'm being fobbed off. They look at your lifestyle as a whole not just based on the state of your teeth and oral hygiene.
Miss K W (07/10/2014)

Dorothy was good and provided a service you felt you could trust so thanks.
Mr ET (02/10/2014)

Modern thoughts and practices, and genuine care for patients overall well-being.
Mr C H (22/09/2014)

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will explain any procedure in detail to put
my mind at rest.
Mr J G (06/09/2014)

Lack of waiting, we were quickly seen. In and out quickly while still feeling like we were given sufficient time to speak with the dentist.
Anonymous (21/07/2014)

My dentist Roma is fantastic & amazing with both my toddlers!
Mrs KH (10/07/2014)

The friendliness of all staff. I instantly felt at ease and relaxed at my first appointment. The dentist was highly professional and made me feel very relaxed and at ease as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending this dentist and dental practice.
Anonymous (27/06/2014)

Scale and Polish
Friendly and takes an interest in their patients
Mr. AK (09/03/2014)

Friendly atmosphere and not feeling pressurised into treatments
Mrs. L J (8/03/2014)

Scale and Polish
I feel very confident with the treatment I am given
Mrs S H (7/03/2014)

On my first I found the staff and Dr Dipesh Patel very friendly and reassuring.
Mrs JP (04/03/2014)

Very professional – welcoming, all stages of dental care explained thoroughly and aftercare follow-up
Mr J L (03/03/2014)

The dentists are very good and trustworthy
Anonymous (03/03/2014)

Very clean and friendly
Anonymous (01/03/2014)

Lost Filling
Friendly and informative information from the dentist
Mr DW (01/03/2014)

Friendly approachable. I trust my dentists judgement.
Mrs SJ (01/03/2014)

Friendly staff, and my dentist makes me feel at ease
Mrs LR (27/02/2014)

All aspects of dentistry are covered under one roof - from cosmetics to more specialised treatments
Mrs CW (27/02/2014)

Roma & Dipesh are Magnificent and Knowledgeable, and supported by Excellent well trained Staff!
Mr J W (27/02/2014)

Lost Filling
Unstressed. Time given for explanation and for recommending how to improve dental health.
Mr HC (26/02/2014)

The professionalism of all the staff.
Mr I P (24/02/2014)

Scale and Polish
Sensitivity and patience
Mrs JC (22/02/2014)

Scale and Polish
17 years of superb treatment and clinicians are now friends
Anonymous (22/02/2014)

I do like the text reminders of appointments. All the staff are so welcoming and friendly. I would be interested in dental plans and pre-payment options if such things exist.
Mrs J R (21/02/2014)

Roma Patel makes going to the dentist a much more pleasant experience and puts you at ease. Also the rest of the staff are really friendly too.
Mrs V W (21/02/2014)

The staff are very very friendly, kind and the care is outstanding. My children don't mind attending as the staff make them smile, are very gentle and friendly towards them. Roma takes her time to make you feel very comfortable and explains
everything to you. She is kind and caring and lovely!
Mrs K M (20/02/2014)

Scale and Polish
Dipesh is a very friendly person and makes you feel comfortable.
Anonymous (19/02/2014)

Very professional But very friendly
Mrs MS (19/02/2014)

Friendly and welcoming. Professional and understanding.
Anonymous (18/02/2014)

Crown Fit
Relaxed and friendly and I have total trust in Roma
Mr C C (12/02/2014)

Scale and Polish
Friendly staff that make a nervous patient feel very comfortable
Mrs A C (11/02/2014)

How quick we are able to get appointments
Miss S R (11/02/2014)

The people - from the reception staff, to the dental nurses and the dentists.
Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.
Mrs H C (06/02/2014)

Good with nervous patients.
Mrs TY (05/02/2014)

All the staff are pleasant and show regard to all their patients.
Mr N T (31/01/2014)

Friendly approachable and knowledgeable staff
Mr SI (31/01/2014)

Friendly & good services
Mr J A (29/01/2014)

Staff friendly and treat you like a person
Mrs J F (28/01/2014)

Lost Filling
I had an emergency filling and they saw me within a few hours. It was quick and painless,
very down to earth folks. Appreciate them very much!
Mrs BB (27/01/2014)

Felt in good hands, listened to me and made me comfortable
Mrs S F (25/01/2014)

Lost Filling
The overall approachability and friendliness of everyone at the Practice. I am also completely confident in my dentist and the treatment recommended. I like the very holistic approach to treatment and the fact that the Practice seem to genuinely care about me and my wellbeing.
Mrs E F (22/01/2014)

This team LISTENS! A wonderful attribute!!!!
Mrs PI (20/01/2014)

How easy it is to get a quick appointment. Also the friendliness and understanding of both Roma and Dipesh
Mrs R W (17/01/2014)

Scale and Polish
My teeth look amazing.
Ms CB (16/01/2014)

I am a very nervous patient and Roma took time to reassure me and explain the treatment I need.
I felt listened to and I feel confident to have the work done.
Anonymous (14/01/2014)

The best practice I have ever attended, I like the personal friendly approach and the excellent care
Mrs PH (11/01/2014)

Scale and Polish
Very friendly, professional
Anonymous (11/01/2014)

It is friendly, comprehensive and highly professional.
Mr O U (10/01/2014)

I was very impressed with the friendly greeting by both the Receptionist and Roma the Dentist.
Mr D H (09/01/2014)

Scale and Polish
Good friendly service
Mr R B (08/01/2014)


The helpful and professional approach, all members of the team appear to genuinely care about the health of my teeth and my experience whilst in the dreaded dentist chair.
Anonymous (30/12/2013)

Staff are very pleasant.
Mr R.T (24/12/2013)

Scale and Polish
Since joining the practise I have always found its waiting area to be clean and comfortably. The staff have always been friendly and approachable, I have gone from being nervous about my appointments, to feeling comfortable about my visits and treatment.
Mr SH (14/12/2013)

Confidence in Dentist (Dipesh)
Mr IO (13/12/2013)

Friendly service & the coffee was excellent
Anonymous (13/12/2013)

A friendly, ultra efficient and professional well run practice.
Mrs PM (07/12/2013)

Lost Filling
Friendly atmosphere, Roma makes me feel comfortable and has restored my faith in Dentists, she has the ability to reduce my anxiety.
Mrs LH (24/11/2013)

The staff are professional & very welcoming, I have complete faith and trust in them.
Miss AK (22/11/2013)

Scale and Polish
The reception staff were very helpful and welcoming as well as making me a nice cup of coffee as I was a bit early and had a half hour wait. The hygienist was very welcoming and professional to the point of shaking my hand at the end of treatment and advice which was also informative.
Ms K S (22/11/2013)

It was my first visit and all staff were helpful. Roma was great and spoke to me like a 'real person' – sometimes health professionals can be a bit dismissive and not explain things to you.
Mrs A MB (14/11/2013)

Friendly welcome and Roma is very thorough and honest and will discuss any treatment fully allowing you time to decide if it is for you.
Mr CC (4/11/2013)

Friendliness and the fact that I do not feel I am having unnecessary treatment as with other dental practices I have used.
Miss KW (29/10/2013)

Marco is obviously sincerely interested in delivering excellent service and product to his clients, money appears of secondary importance. unlike with some 'shark smiled practitioners' . I have confidence that he will do his very best even when under pressure from outside sources to ensure the outcome of the treatment is the best possible. The staff are efficient and effective. They are a good cohesive team.
Anonymous (28/10/2013)

The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. I have had some bad experiences with dentists in the past which resulted in my waiting over 25 years before I sought help. The Ashford Dental Practice has completely changed my opinion of the dental profession and, although not looking forward to the treatment that has been prescribed for me, I am no longer worried nor nervous.
Ms CS (23/10/2013)

Total trust in the dentists excellent technology - the most up to date practices/equipment good preventative advice and an acceptance that your teeth at 50 are not going to look like your teeth at 20!
Mr CL (23/10/2013)

The way the team make my children feel very comfortable and reassured!
Anonymous (11/10/2013)

Ease of making appointments, Short wait for appointments, Personal service with plenty of time allowed for individual questions and explanation.
Anonymous (12/09/2013)

Excellent Staff
The staff are fantastic and always caring, kind, professional and very helpful.
Mrs Sarah Howard (05/07/2012)

Tooth Guard
Really caring and have all the up to date equipment. Dipesh will often recommend alternative solutions to explore. You never feel rushed
Mrs Bryony Elliott (27/06/2012)

examination and clean and polish
as a person who does not like going to the dentist Roma makes my visit to the dentist more pleasurable
Anonymous(25/06/2012 )

Friendly, very reassuringly the sense of clinical competence is high, my comfort was a high priority - all in all, I would say a super experience at the dentist! thanks!
Anonymous (20/06/2012)

teeth whitening
excellent service, quick and efficient
Anonymous (28/05/2012)

Bridge, root canal treatment, fillings and implant prep
I have total trust in the team and have completely overcome my fears.
Mrs Elly Prior (22/05/2012)

Friendly people who are polite and put you at ease.
Ms Benita Wright (18/05/2012)

Excellent service dentist I can trust completely
Mrs Bryony Elliott (09/05/2012)

Check up and Hygenist
Very friendly atmosphere and totally confident with the treatment I receive
Anonymous (08/05/2012)

Root canals
Excellent customer service, always made to feel welcome and an approachable team of staff. Always been very nervous of attending the dentist in the past, but the lovely Mr Patel has been so kind and patient I now feel alot more confident and am now quite happy to attend my appointments.
Mrs Victoria McCarthy (04/05/2012)

Re cap on tooth
Very pleased with the result
Anonymous (02/05/2012 )

Alex Talahani
Dr Talahani is extremely conscientious, careful and caring. It seems nothing is too much trouble for him.
Anonymous (30/04/2012)

very helpful and approachable
Anonymous (27/04/2012 )

check up
i have complete trust in my dentist and know he will always explain any problems about my oral care and recommed what treatment may be required.
Mrs Jacqueline Marchant (19/04/2012)

Scale and polish
Friendly informal approach
Anonymous (07/04/2012)

felt reassured and comfortable,just very professional throughout, very happy with the experience from start to finish
Mr Richard Lyons (30/03/2012)

on going of a problem molar
they know me well and i them, it is a friendly and helpful practise, and over the years we have built up a firm trust in their advice and care of our dental needs
Mrs Jacqueline Marchant (27/03/2012)

Check up
The staff are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone.
Mrs Kathryn Tiernan (16/03/2012 )

Ongoing dental treatment
I particularly appreciate the expertise and experience of all the practitioners, plus their friendly and approachable manner. This allows me to feel confident in the recommended course of treatment.
Mrs Emma Fotheringham (14/03/2012)

Crown dental treatment
Fantastic Dentist.Very friendly staff.
Mr Atul Rajani (12/03/2012)

White teeth fillings
The friendly way the dentist professionals and all your staff are towards your patients. The advise they give is always helpful and they never rush you out, you feel like a person and not a number
Ms Audrey Shale (08/03/2012)

Review following previous metal capping treatment
The Service from the entry through the front door until departure is first class. Everybody is friendly, inspire confidence and deliver. I am fully informed of what is found, the recommended treatment and the consequences and all relatively painlessly.
Mr Martin Phippen (07/03/2012)

Attention to details
Mr Nazim Cesur (06/03/2012)

General review of crown tooth and dental treatment required
Made to feel relaxed and in safe hands. Very happy to have decided to come to this practice I have recommended to my partner on her next visit to a dentist to make an appointment with this practice. As my teeth are at this time a worry and a concen it was important for me to find a dentist I happy with and happy to say I'm not dissappointed
Mr Pierre Virgin (25/02/2012)

dental plate repair & adjustment
the combination of the highest prpfessionalism with a personable & friendly manner together with a clear explanation of the problem & the solution
Mr Peter Macgregor (12/02/2012)

toothpaste and rinse
everyone is helpful, friendly, will put you at ease.
Anonymous (31/01/2012)

Check up/Revie
The dental team are very very good!
Mr Neil Collins (30/01/2012)

Excellent Practice
Friendly informative staff, excellent facilities.
Anonymous (27/01/2012 )

Check Crown has not had any problems
Positive attitude from all the staff Not treated as a number but an individual. It certainly gives a feeling that you are a client that will receive the best treatment possible
Mr Alexender Keendens (21/01/2012 )

Friendly, professional
Mrs Brenda Reynolds (11/01/2012)

very caring and understanding of people's fear
Mr Brian Vickery (04/01/2012)

The dentist always has time to talk and explain treatment options.
Anonymous (19/12/2011)

reassuring dentist
how reassuring depesh is and how honest he is and how realistic he is with his diagnosis. also he is very gentle and im never afraid as i have been with other dentists
Mrs Jannetje Page (12/12/2011)

dental treatment
Friendly staff. Professionalism and upto date knowledge
Mr Ian Minty (12/12/2011)

General check up
They make you feel good and that they care about you. They care about your health and well being, not just 'in, dental work and out'.
Anonymous (07/12/2011 )

Dental treatment
Friendly atmosphere, always helpful , great to have a written estimate of any work needed to be done
Mr Ian Bingham (06/12/2011)

Scale and polish/check up
Friendly and informal atmosphere, Professional treatment
Anonymous (30/11/2011)

I like being made to feel like an individual and that the practice takes an interest in me as a person.
Mrs Karen Roberts (29/11/2011)

Routine Preventative Treatment
I have had a fear of visiting the dentist since I was a small child, this fear is accommodated by the practice and I am treated with patience and kindness. I am not sure that anyone really understands what causes the reaction I have when I have to have treatment but I am not made to feel silly or unreasonable in my behaviour. I do also have a fear of losing teeth which is why I try really hard to co-operate with advice given.
Anonymous (18/11/2011)

teeth whitening
the care and feeling, and understanding peoples fear of dental treatment.
Mr Brian Vickery (13/11/2011)

Colgate total for the fresh taste and the whitening effects
Dr Patel. for his understanding and his care for the needs of his patients.
Mr Brian Vickery (23/10/2011 )

Dental check-up/ tooth filling
I was relaxed at at ease with my dentist.
Mst Daniel Clifton (17/10/2011)

General Check Up
Friendly, honest, helpful, kind, thoughtful - restored my faith in dentists
Mrs Anita Croucher (17/10/2011)

everyone makes you feel at ease
Ms Paula Soria (15/10/2011)

Dental treatment
Everybody is so friendly and reassuring
Mrs Elly Prior (11/10/2011 )

Receptionists/staff are very friendly and put you completely at ease. Full information is provided on types of braces and which will suit you best, I would be happy to recommend this dental practice to friends and family
Anonymous (27/09/2011)

Invisilign braces and fillings
A very kind and sensitive treatment,totally trustworthy, I wouldn't go any where else and have recommended them to others. I finally have the smile I have wanted for forty years.Thank you Dipesh. Clean and relaxing. All this from a previously dental phobic person. They also look after my daughter who is six and she has a lovely smile now. I say they look after rather than treat.
Ms Gina Waddoups (23/09/2011)

all the staff are friendly and put you at ease before any treatment
Mr Michael Smith (20/09/2011 )

Staff and friendliness
Anonymous (20/09/2011 )

The dentist thank you
Anonymous (09/09/2011 )

Crown TReatment
Very friendly and very professional
Anonymous (05/09/2011)


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