When You Smile the World Smiles with You


Now we are reaching the end of the winter months, and Spring is round the corner, we can put the “winter blues” behind us We find the dark mornings, and at the end of a working day the dark journeys home, tiring, and don’t find many things to smile about.


January seems a long month to many we are reviewing our finances for the following year.

Often finding decisions we need to make to better ourselves and our lives sometimes challenging.


But if you invest in your physical health, it can help in many ways. Improve your mental well -being and make you more productive. Im lucky to be blessed with good health, but it’s a constant investment of my time and will power.


I enjoy running, but find it hard to leave the warmth of the house on the cold wintery days, but then I remember, of all the lovely sights of nature I observe during the run and the feeling after. It makes me smile…My children often observe that Im better and happier person after a run.


The important thing for me though is to smile and be kind to the people I meet. Life is too short to be miserable..


So smile and see who smiles back….