60 Second Testimonials

May 2nd, 2018

I recently went to a masterclass on social media and marketing  with Roma. The course was run by Coach Chris Barrow who is a Dental Business Guru.

So what did I learn?

I learnt that patient testimonials are the best promotional tool you can have such as google reviews. I also learnt that you can take this one step further by posting video testimonials on newsletter, social media and the website.

Therefore he suggested 60 second videos gaining patient feedback to basic patient questions. I have recently been taking on the social media of the practice, blogging and newsletters with Roma so really wanted to take this on and get stuck in.

I know I am no Martin Scorsese but hope I can master 60 seconds of footage or least press the on button without accidentally taking a selfie or picture of the floor.

The questions I have prepared:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. What brought you to us?
  3. How would you describe your customer service experience?
  4. what difference has the treatment made?

All I would need is a smartphone camera, and a little tripod and a little bit of bravery.. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it. Ha..Geronimo…

Therefore armed with my smart phone, bendable mini tripod, questions, and consent forms I asked a few lovely patients if I could interview them. Mostly for practice but I will use these videos as I do feel that they are very raw and feel non staged and you can all see my progress as I go.

The first video for some reason (other than being a bit of a rabbit in the headlights perhaps) I held the tripod rather than placing it and pointing the camera at the patient. Maybe I was clinging to it as a tripod shaped life raft. Therefore the video is a little shaky..and at points there is an odd jerk as I almost point the camera down as I read the questions and quickly stop myself.

The second was easier and felt a little more confident. I still sound a little nervous and my own tongue did seem trip me up on the way. However progress was made, this video looks much less like I was filming during an earthquake.

Reviewing it back I noticed I need to learn some little editing techniques to tidy up the video as well as the fact I need to stop being self conscious as I hate the sound of my voice and maybe be a little less nervous in my delivery but Im sure with practice, I will be fine!

So if do approach you in surgery for a testimonial please be gentle with me as it is all very much a work in progress. I just need to learn from each experience and improve. Although you can definitely laugh with me as I bumble along!

Thank you for reading




Spring is here!

April 17th, 2018

Two of our team, went on a course yesterday, to get to make our business more cost efficient, and really get to grips on the day to day running costs.


I often find I am torn with the cost of treatment and the care aspect of my practice,In dental school we are taught the clinical aspects of dentistry, not the business side, or even the psychology aspects required to become and an effective and compassionate yet cost effective clinician. After all my team and all the suppliers we use are reliant on me being so.


So even after 20 years of running a successful dental practice, I am still learning. We all bounce of each other and our wonderful patients, who over the years have taught us a thing or two.

So as we are officially in spring, a time to start a fresh and set new goals, and to prepare for the future, Im looking forward to continuing to learn from the people around me and hopefully make me a better person/ dentist




Easter Holidays

April 10th, 2018

So we are in the Easter Holidays now

So we have all been good for Lent, and been giving up our vices such as chocolate.

But I haven’t given up my running despite being away with my children in sunnier climes. So instead I have been getting  up early to miss the heat of the day.

What motivates me?

Being healthy. Currently I’m in a resort which has all sorts of nationalities, and all of various shapes and sizes. They all take pride in their appearance, and follow the etiquette of the hotel. But is their smile part of it….  I still think as a dental profession we need to convey the importance of good oral health too, and not just that “Hollywood smile”.

To focus on the body and health and not just the aesthetics.




Self Worth

March 29th, 2018

The other day I was treating a nervous patient, who hadn’t been to see a dentist in many years, due to a bad experience as a child. But now they felt, they had lost their confidence, because in all their photos, they didn’t smile.

Today of digital photography, selfies, personal image is making more of an impact in our daily lives. We are exercising, dieting, and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle more than ever before.


Every other advert we see, promotes this. So, we all aspire to have that perfect image. But we are all not perfect.

I get young patients asking for veneers, so they can have that “Hollywood smile”. I get requests to do Botox(™) to prevent wrinkles.  But once I explain the pros and cons, and the life-long maintenance required. I find that many either revise their decision, or go for a more conservative approach, such as tooth whitening, or braces; Instead of full porcelain veneers. I try to make them see what they already have and point out the best parts of their smile/ face and how we can enhance rather than change.

So when they leave, I often get told “thank you for your honesty and making me feel good about myself”.

So hopefully I have laid a foundation for a long-term professional relationship.

Thank you for reading


Easter Opening Hours

March 28th, 2018

When You Smile the World Smiles with You

February 26th, 2018


Now we are reaching the end of the winter months, and Spring is round the corner, we can put the “winter blues” behind us We find the dark mornings, and at the end of a working day the dark journeys home, tiring, and don’t find many things to smile about.


January seems a long month to many we are reviewing our finances for the following year.

Often finding decisions we need to make to better ourselves and our lives sometimes challenging.


But if you invest in your physical health, it can help in many ways. Improve your mental well -being and make you more productive. Im lucky to be blessed with good health, but it’s a constant investment of my time and will power.


I enjoy running, but find it hard to leave the warmth of the house on the cold wintery days, but then I remember, of all the lovely sights of nature I observe during the run and the feeling after. It makes me smile…My children often observe that Im better and happier person after a run.


The important thing for me though is to smile and be kind to the people I meet. Life is too short to be miserable..


So smile and see who smiles back….

Roma’s first Blog

January 30th, 2018

So this is my first ever blog, and Im a bit fearful on how it will be perceived by you the reader.

Having been on an amazing course today run by an exceptional dental business guru, Chris Barrow, with my lovely colleague Fiona,   I feel inspired and confident enough to take the plunge…

So what did I learn from today. Well its never too late to improve yourself, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

The way we communicate now is so fast and technology based, but still the art of conversation hasn’t completely died.

As much as I hear and read that artificial intelligence will help us as a human race to live longer and more healthily we still need that human touch.

As a dentist for over 20 years I have learnt the art to listen, and respond with empathy, and hopefully make the people I have the privilege to treat feel at ease.

In our practice were not here to judge, your oral health, but to guide you and help you restore your confidence in smiling more freely and confidently

But like you I have my fears, but together if we surround ourselves with the right people we can overcome them, one step at a time, or even one tooth at a time..


Our transformation

December 28th, 2017

Our patients will be aware that over the last few years we have had quite an amazing face lift. Our old decor was really letting us down and we just wanted to create a warm comfortable homely yet modern environment.

We wanted to update our practice to reflect just how much pride and care we take with our work.

Many of you will remember how our practice used to look, however for new patients or for a reminder please see below.

The renovations took longer than expected as we felt we needed to ensure our building would withstand the test of time.

If you see below you will probably understand the extent of work that was involved.

And then we have the final product which we are all  still thrilled with.

We ditched the green and opened up our reception which is now airy and full of light.


Christmas and New Years Opening hours 2017

December 13th, 2017

Tooth Decay – A quick explanation

November 24th, 2017

With the season for treats and chocolate gifts approaching we just wanted to provide a bit of information on tooth decay to our patients. So you can enjoy Christmas without the toothache in January.

Tooth decay and erosion can occur when we have high sugar diets.

It’s not the sugar itself but the chain reaction in the mouth that occurs after eating.

Your mouth is an ecosystem containing hundreds of bacteria, many of which are friendly!

However there are some that actually feed on the sugar you eat and release acids which destroy the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is that white shiny layer of the tooth.  Teeth are mainly composed of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and if you remember from chemistry lessons at school acids dissolve many substances.

Below is the formula for tooth decay.

If sugar habits don’t change, tooth decay will progress further and further.  You will be essentially feeding the bacteria, and the more you feed them the more acid production there is. The diagram below shows the progression of decay.

So how can you reduce sugar intake and prevent decay?

Simply cut down on chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and fruit juices, also check the label of other food as there are many hidden sugars within foods such as crisps and ketchup.


Reduce the frequency, if you do feel the need for a bar of chocolate after a hard day at work then eat it in one go, if you eat 12 individual pieces throughout the day you are actually increasing the frequency of sugar and the number of acid attacks in the day.

Also drink water after to help neutralise the PH in your mouth.

Early decay can be prevented by also applying fluoride toothpaste topically. Your dentist can show you the specific areas and how to do this effectively.

Book in for your six monthly check up so that early decay can be spotted by the dentist.